Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Here are some more nail polish pics from my Las Vegas haul. These are all Icing brand which can be found in Icing by Claires stores in most malls. Don't these bottles look just like the China Glaze bottles? (The bigger bottles, not the LE Collection directly below)

Pretty little pastels! Steph's Closet just did a post on these, but I don't think she has swatches up of these colors just yet. However she does have some up of some really cool Icing colors I wish I would have gotten!

Don't these look so pretty together?

I really like the last three of this collection, the blue, pink and green ones. These all have holo glitter in them, if you enlarge the pics you can really tell then.

I got the orange one for only $1.00, I don't know why I didn't snatch up some more for future giveaways - geez!

Anita Be Me has holo glitter in it, and Luv U 2 Much has silver/gold/copper glitter in it.

Blackout is rocking my socks off (if I were wearing any socks, that is)!
When I located a website for Icing, this ad for these flip flops (or flippers as I call em) was shown. I loooooove those brown ones with the peacock feathers on them. But what's up with the price??? They clearly say "rubber sandals" but yet they want to charge $18-$24 EA? I'm a flippers kinda gal, but I usually like to stay with in the $5.00 range for em. Which I just got like 5 new pair at Gordmans. I need to take a pic of these really cool holo purple animal stripe ones I got. They are too hot to trot - literally! I will take a pic of them tonight and post it up for you all.
So now my question is - how many of you are flip flop freaks? I wear them almost everyday - rain, shine, snow - I got my flips on.
My last name is Bacon and I would LOVE to find some flippers that were made to look like bacon ! IF anyone sees anything like this, shoot me a comment or email and let me know STAT! :)


Rai said...

The polishes are sooooooo pretty.
The first set is my favorite.

I almost purchased the 2nd. lol

I only wear flip flops when it's hot.

Vanessa said...


What an awesome stash of gorgeous colors! They do look exactly like ChG bottles. Is the quality comparable as well? Do you know if there's anywhere to get these when overseas?

When summer gets here, I'll breath, eat and sleep in my flippie-floppies :D

Brooke said...

RAI - Only wear flippers when it's hot, wth? lol I hear ya, even I have to wear shoes and socks at some point.

VANESSA - Aren't they soooo pretty. I haven't tried them yet to know about how well they apply, but I will let you all know as soon as I do :)

I just checked on ebay and didn't see any for sale there. And Icing's website is one of those annoying ones that you can't click on the pictures, it is basically useless. Hopefully someone will leave a comment where these might be available to lovely ladies overseas.

Pixie said...

OMG, those polishes *dies*

and LOL @ bacon looking flippers. How about making some out of bacon yourself? Bacon is one of Denmark's major exports, so I'll be happy to sponsor you flip flops :D

Nixxy said...

Whoa - what a haul!! I wonder if China Glaze can sue for copyright infringement? :)

Re: the flip flops - well you're talking to someone from Oz, where they're like our national uniform! Except here we call them "thongs". And what you call "thongs"(the underwear) we call "G-strings". I'm not much of a thong person myself, though. Don't know why, really :)

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I bought my daughter the 2nd Icing pack of polish you have there for Xmas and I can testify that they may LOOK like China Glaze, but the application is BLECH! So thin, so frustrating. I was totally unimpressed. I haven't bought anymore since.

I am a "Flipper"...but only in summer. That's all I wear all summer long and I usually get a gigantic haul from Old Navy, so my daughter and I can share all sumer long.

xoannie said...

Oooh such gorgeous colors, the bottles look like China Glaze bottles!

Jamie said...

Wow - nice haul! Goodness you have a lot of polishes there...

Not much of a flip-flop person myself (and I grew up calling them "thongs" until I was informed that it sounded "naughty"). I do have a couple pair of comfy cork bottomed flip flops that I'll wear in the summer occasionally, but my feet get cold if they're bare in the A/C, so I don't wear them to stores or restaurants much (I wear pants too, because my legs get cold!). I'd never wear any kind of open-toed shoe to work - I see it all the time, but it's *so* unprofessional, in my opinion.

We have snow here now, and it was below zero this morning. I have thick gym socks in my dress boots for work today, and my toes are *still* cold!

beachbunnydesigns said...

LOVE those! I'm always wearing my Flip Flops too....I just got the comfiest ones ever from Target :)

Lucy said...

Brooke you are too funny wanting bacon flip flops! Love all those bright colors and they do look so pretty together. I had bacon band-aids. I forget where I got them. I know I did buy them online. Can't help you with bacon flip flops.

pinkhepburn said...

I found the following bacon footwear:
And some items to go with them:
But no bacon flip flops, which surprises me. Hopefully those bacon items will tide you over until someone creates some. :)

Amanda said...

OH how I wish we had an Icing store here!!! Those are so pretty. I just got Metalhead from a friend and it's a lovely silver!!!

I am a flip flop freak!!!! I love flip flops. I have like 30 pairs LOL. I wish I lived somewhere warmer so I could wear them year round!

Brooke said...

PIXIE - If I make the bacon flippers in the summer, while I walk they could be cooking on the hot pavement - voila! Hot Bacon!

NIXXY - I still call em thongs sometimes too. When someone tries to give me that side eye look - I tell em thong flip flops came before the undies so deal with it! :)

JAMIE - Oh, good thing I don't work or live with you! I am always hot, so I have it cold all the time! We would be fighting over the thermostat 24/7, lol

BEACHBUNNYDESIGNS - YAY!! Another fellow flipper :)

LUCY - I have seen those band aids online before, there really is a TON of bacon stuff out there, but I would just kill for some bacon flippers.

PINKHEPBURN - Thanks for those links! I will check em out today :)

AMANDA - I am really pleased with all the cool colors that Icing had to offer. I just hope that they apply really well and I don't run into to many sheers.

Yes!! Another fellow flipper!

Olga said...

Blackout and Akward sure look yummy, i'm going to Claire's!

Brooke said...

OLGA - Hey!!! FInally I posted something from a store that you have access to! Blackout looks totally awesome, I agree!

Asami said...

I love flip flops for half the year, plain black ones with thin straps. I call them all "sandals" though. Maybe that's a Wisconsin thing?

Brooke said...

ASAMI - I think it's just what you were raised calling them. SOme call em flip flops, thongs or sandals - they are all the same type shoe though :)

RachelLauren said...

I love flip-flops too, I walk to work in them then change into "office shoes" when I get there. They're so expensive cuz they're havianas, you're paying for the name. (i'm usually the last person to say something like that, but I just can't see paying more when mine get so beat up, I buy the old navy ones)

Brooke said...

RACHEL LAUREN - I guess the name didn't register with me, I have never heard of them before. I am like you, I like my thongs and I like em cheap! lol

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