Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Just thought I would share with you all a story I came across on Bellasugar.com. A Maryland woman has painted her entire car with nail polish! Take a look at bellasugar.com for the complete article - with a picture and everything! lol

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Most of you read that my sister was engaged this past Saturday night. Great, only she is trying to plan a wedding in 2 weeks time in order to have it on New Years Eve. Not only that I was selected as the Maid of Honor - and I have no clue what it is that I am supposed to do!! I don't normally do this girly stuff. Last night we went and got our dresses. After 15 dresses and 1 1/2 hours, I went and looked around the shop and found one I thought was perfect. She tried it on and said "This is the one!". So I guess I at least accomplished one of my jobs as the made of honor. Her main color is red ( like a true red, Christmas type red) with accent colors of black and silver.

She let us girls in the wedding pick any dress we wanted, they just had to be the same color. This is the dress I picked out and I love it! And my shoes are to die for, but I forgot to snap a pic of them, shoot!

Anyway, she has asked that I do her nails and come up with a cool design. She had suggested red, with silver or black tips. What do you guys think? Any good ideas to give me? I was thinking paint black tips and then go over the entire nail with China Glaze - Ruby Pumps. That way the tip would still be dark, but not over powering dark. I was also going to get some of that silver stripping tape. I was thinking it might kind of look like these nails that I did (just look at the nail tip area, her whole nail will be covered in the red polish, just with a darker red tip):

Anyway, needless to say this is a very hectic time for me so the blogs will be coming oh so slow until after the new year. I'm even thinking I might have to take that week after Christmas off, just so I can help her out with all she needs!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I finally stopped looking at everyone else's pics of this and ordered me a bottle. My first thought as soon as I put it on - this is it??? So I painted my toe nails, and the color has grown on me. Today I decided to paint my nails and see how I like it on my hands now that the color has grown on me. It's taking a little bit of getting used to. The color is unique, for sure, but it really isn't a "pretty" color, am I the only one who thinks this? Plus it seems to bring the "red" tones out in my skin, which I don't think looks really good with this color. I think this one might go on my toes alone, and skip putting it on my fingers. I think my mom is gonna like this one alot! I'm curious to see what she thinks about it, and to see how it looks on another person in person.

So please tell me, am I the only one a little disappointed with this? Does anyone else think this color, despite it's uniqueness, is really sort of ugly?


I just placed ANOTHER finger nail polish order, so I know somethings gotta be wrong with me. I can't help it, sometimes I just get this overwhelming need to buy nail polish! :) You guys know what I mean, right? It's not just me, RIGHT???

I placed this order with Head2Toe. Every since I saw that mint green color on Khloe Kardashian, I have been on the hunt for a mint green. Essie St. Martin Mint looked to be the closest, but guess what - - It's been DISCONTINUED, go figure....... So I got the next best thing, China Glaze - Groovy Green.

I ordered the last 4 of the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection: Don't Be A Square, Rated Holographic, Spin Me Round & Visit Me In Prism.

I ordered four of the Color Club glitter nail polishes, I can't remember the collections name, possibly Vixen. Anyway I ordered Tru Passion (purple), Art of Seduction (red), Sexy Siren (blue) & Object of My Envy (green).

I FINALLY ordered some Cuticle Eraser. After hearing all these rave reviews I figured I should get some and see what all the fuss is about.

I ordered a set of three nail art brushes & 2 manicure bowls.

I ordered OPI - My Chihuahua Bites, simple for the name since I have a Chihuahua - and she does go into "fightsey bitesey" mode ( thats what I call it when she just wants to bite when she plays) sometimes.

And lastly I ordered Essie - Happily Ever After because I just found out my little sister got engaged and is getting married-----in two weeks, lol! So hurry up Head2Toe, get that order here before the wedding. My little sister likes nail polish, she isn't a nut like me, but I thought she would like it for the name alone.

Monday, December 15, 2008


For those of you who don't know about Oklahoma weather, it is down right crazy! Yesterday it was 72 degrees, until about 5 or 6 pm where the temperature dropped 50 degrees. Today it is 17 degrees out with a windchill of 1 degree!

How Dinky handles the cold weather.....

This week my posts might be sporadic. I am in charge of the Holiday festivities here at work and it is keeping me busy. I have fun stuff planned for everyday leading up to our party. Plus I am doing some take home work at home in order to make as much moolah as possible before Christmas, so that doesn't leave much time for me to do my nails. Not to mention the fact that while I was shaving, I somehow nicked one of my nails and it looks ugly as sin. Don't know how this didn't start bleeding on me, but it didn't.

I announced the winner at the top of my blog. I have emailed the winner, but I need to hear back from you soon with an address as to where I can ship your goodies to!! So please email me back with your address info :)! And I would again like to take the time to say THANK YOU to all who entered in my giveaway. If you didn't win, don't be sad, I will have more giveaways to come!

Friday, December 12, 2008



1 Base Coat of Orly Bonder

2 Coats of China Glaze - Tickle My Triangle

1 Coat of China Glaze - Let's Do It in 3-D along the nail tip

1 Top Coat of Poshe Super Fast Drying Top Coat


Also, while I was at Walmart I snapped pictures of that glitter that I was telling you about.

These packages of glitter are $9.00 each. Tell me, is that not some pretty glitter or what?


So, while I was out yesterday at Walmart picking up some things for the Christmas party here at work, I had to go check out the dog clothes, because that's just what I do. Anyway, I had previously bought Dinky (my little chihuahua for those who don't know) some little sock things for her to wear when it is cold outside. Only problem with those is that she won't let me put them on her. It is really a two person job, and the BF won't hold her down (lol) while I put them on. So I came across some little pink shoes for dogs. These simple close with Velcro, looks like something I could do without any help, so I bought them. When I hit the door home last night, first thing I did was whip out the shoes to put on her. I got one shoe on no problem! I set her down on the floor so I could take a look at it, and she scooted off to her little bed where she proceeded to prop her little foot up on the edge of her bed and WOULD NOT MOVE! Not even for treats! Here is what she looked like:

Of course by this time me and the BF were laughing our asses off. So after I can compose myself, I scoop her up and praise her and give her some treats. And then I put the next shoe on her other foot. She just stands completely still, she won't move, she doesn't even run back to her little bed. I try setting treats in a trail to entice her, still no luck. So I just snapped a couple more pics of her and took her little shoes off.

We are about to get snow this weekend and she really needs these little shoes for when I take her out. I think it's going to take a little getting used to. This weekend she might wear her little shoes for a longer period of time so she can used to the feel of them. I'm sure I will have my camera handy when I finally get all four on her little feet, because I am sure it will be a treat! lol I love this little baby - she bring so much joy to me it's crazy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am trying to figure out what color Khloe K. is wearing in the above photo. I have a few guesses:

Essie - St. Martin Mint

OPI - Hey! Get in Lime

China Glaze - Groovy Green

China Glaze - In the Limelight

So what do you guys think? Which of these looks closest? I'm loving that Essie color! But I think ChG in Groovy Green looks the closest.


My Whole Order


I came across this picture on Dlisted (link on my favorite blogs). What color of nail polish is Khloe Kardashian wearing? It looks like a mint color. I never would have picked a mint color, but I think it looks really good on her.

What do you guys think? You like the color or not? What color is this?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am in charge of planning our office Christmas Party. We are doing a sort of "lottery" deal where employees win points and then put their points toward whichever gift they want. Anyway, I am trying to think of some ways for the employees to "win" some extra points with some little games and things up until the day of.
So far I am going to do a guess how many M&M's are in a jar, but I need some more ideas!
Please anyone with any idea I would love to hear it. Mind you it is mostly guys here at my job, including me there are only 3 girls. And this is a small company, under 20 employees total.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out with some ideas!
You never know, I might have a really great nail polish prize for the best idea!!


Last night after I did my Ornament nails, I decided to do a look that I would do on both hands and wear the next day. I wanted something simple and quick and this is what I came up with:

I painted two coats of China Glaze - Frostbite, then I used my silver Stripe Rite nail art pen to do the silver french tips. Let that dry slightly, and then added a top coat of Wet n Wild - Kaleidoscope for the "falling snow" effect.

I like this, but I have 3 gripes for you So Easy Stripe Rite NAP's.

My first Gripe, I just bought these pens from Sally's during the summer months. I have had a gold glitter one basically almost dry up on me. It is really goopy and thick. I thought maybe I just didn't close the lid tightly enough, and went on about my way. Well last night using the silver one, it is starting to goop up on me!! These pens are not cheap, they are about $4.00 each. I am so disappointed in these pens! I also have some Nubar NAP's and they are holding up just fine. They are staying the consistency that they should.

Has anyone else had this happen to their pens?

My second gripe with the pens is that now it seems as though it was taking forever for the silver tips to dry. I used my regular top coat of poshe and everything. If you look at my index finger in the first pic you can see where it dented.

My third gripe is that the silver is wearing off my tips already! I just painted them last night and these pics were taken first thing this morning! Look at the picture below and you will see where it is wearing off:

Disappointment - So Easy Stripe Rite, you get two wet, soft, dented, tip worn thumbs down from me! :p


My giveaway - Click Here
I'm giving away a Sally Hansen Miniature set with 5 mini bottle of polish, a Colorama Flakey Top Coat (HTF), Wet n Wild - Kaleidoscope & Sinful Colors - San Francisco (only 3 days left to enter in my contest)

E-Polishblog - Click Here
Katee is having a giveaway for some totally cute snowman shaped bottles of nail polish and Sally Hansen - Emerald City (a fab emerald green color)

Vampy Varnish - Click Here
Kelly is giving away a bottle of Chanel - Haute Chocolat.

Christmas is the time for gift giving - so please take this opportunity to enter in all THREE giveaways, some one's gotta win, right?


I just came across some of the cutest nails I have seen this Christmas!! I found them on Mini Nail Blog. Take a look at these:

Photos property and courtesy of Mini Nail Blog

Are you kidding me with these? I'm in love - lol! I love cutesy tootsey stuff like this! She hand made all the little reindeer with acrylic! Can you believe that? How creative is she?

Here is the link to her blog about these nails.

And here is the link to the post where she shows how she made them from the acrylic.

I am always so impressed with work done like this! The little reindeer are the "bomb" in my opinion :) And the little red Rudolph nose ---**dead**---

Please check her blog out, she has detailed descriptions for different nail art, and several step by step pictures also.


And HE thinks I spoil this little dog.....................gottcha BABE! You've been caught red handed!


As promised, I am delivering some Christmas Nail Art! I got the idea on my way home (while sitting in traffic an extra 20 minutes for a tow truck WAY OFF THE ROAD, but all the lookie loo's had to slow down and stare like they have never seen a tow truck before----pet peeve!) that I would take some ornaments off the tree and paint my nails like the ornaments. Like I had posted earlier my Christmas tree is white, and my ornaments are black and silver. So for the base of my nails I painted them with China Glaze - Liquid Leather, a black nail polish. Then I used a combo of my silver nail art pen and Wet n Wild - Kaleidoscope. I think they turned out pretty good! What do y'all think?

This could easily be adapted to your Christmas colors you decorate with, and made to match your ornaments. I have seen alot of ornaments that have some really cool designs on them, that transferred over to nails could look really cool. I might see if I can find some cool pictures online of some ornaments with cool designs and see what I can whip up for you guys!
I would also love to hear what colors you guys decorate your tree in. Do you use several colors, do you just pick a few, do you have "theme" trees? Please take a moment and let me know in the comments section, I would love to hear about it. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My son got his hair cut last night. He wanted the fauxhawk, only he gets confused and calls it a mofawk. First time he said it, I was like WHAT????? lol

He was dying for me to take his picture this morning and he looked so darn cute I just had to share with you guys..........

(The big white bright light behind him is my Christmas tree, it is a white tree with black & silver decorations on it)

I will be doing some sort of nail art for you guys. I will work on it tonight. I'm sorry I haven't had much nail art related stuff lately. I think when I took my nails off my nail art mojo went with it or something. So I am going to FORCE some sort of creativity out tonight and I hope it lands on my nails!!! Until, don't forget about my GIVEAWAY y'all!


When I saw these yesterday I knew I had to have one. So I did, and she stands on my desk at work now. Don't judge me........... :)
Brushing this little dog's hair reminded me of playing Barbies SOOO much. Me and my little sister Brandi would always have a Barbie game going, and if we had to go to bed, the same game would just continue the next day. We used to make wedding dresses for our Barbies out of our slips! And then we would steal each others husbands...........good times, good times! lol
Do you guys have any good Barbie memories?

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