Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ladies I have a real treat for today's installment of Getting To Know.....! I *LOVED* Nixxy's answers to the questions, they were very thorough and very funny. I especially like her answer to how does she feel about fake nails.
I have been following Nixxy's blog for a while, but it was her post on her ODE TO ZOYA ROXY that really got me hooked on her blog! Nixxy has also got me hooked on Summer Heights High - I'm totally in LOVE with Mr. G! I swear Nixx I had a dream last night about that damn show and I was singing "She's a naughty girl, with a bad habit, bad habit for drugs" - lmao!
If you all don't know about Nixxy's blog you can check her out HERE.

I also request that any blogger doing the "getting to know" series to attach a picture (childhood, grownup or both) with their survey, but of course it isn't required, so you will notice that is the only change from the first Getting To Know I did.

Enjoy and THANK YOU Nixxy for doing this!!

1. How or why did you start your blog?

Steph over at Nail Juice is completely to blame! I had actually emailed her about finding a 3-free dupe of CG’s For Audrey after ordering it at great expense from America and then finding out I was allergic to it. I mentioned I was getting some Zoyas. She replied that she’d like to see some photos when I got them. When I DID get them, I thought – “I couldn't find any swatches of these colours on the net – maybe more people than Steph would be interested?”

So I set up a page, posted the photos and told Steph “They’re over thataway!” Pretty soon I worked out not only was I one of a few Aussies with a nail blog, I was the only one in the world (apologies if I’m wrong) who seemed to feature ONLY Formaldehyde free polish.
“Aha!” said I, “A niche! I shall fill said niche and become…a niche-filler! I shall help other people like me!” And so it was.
Hard to believe that was almost exactly six months ago – now I can’t imagine not having the blog and all the wonderful people I’ve met through it!

2. How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Well “Nixxy” actually came about cos my name is Vanessa, but the personal Live Journal blog I had at the time wouldn’t let me use Ness, Nessa, Nessy-Noo, Loch Ness Monster, or any other version of my name – they were all taken. So I fell on Nixxy cos it was similar to Nessy and I have a thing for mythology. The Nix is a kind of water spirit/mermaid in some cultures. And “Nyx” is Greek goddess of the night. Apparently she used to get drunk on honey, which -

1 – Sounds totally bitchin’!
2 – Makes me want to know what the hell those bees were feeding off?? Maybe there were Heineken bushes back in those days?
3 – Sounds kinda sticky…
4 - Makes me wonder what a Honey Hangover is like...

So anyway, I just automatically decided to use it for my polish blog – which was just as well because soon enough there was a Vanessa and a Nessa hangin’ around and that would’ve made things triply confusing ☺

So it was the simple application of “Nixxy” to “Nails”, and a name was born. I could’ve gone all out and called it “Nixxy’s Pimptastic Nailgasmic Emporium of Wonders”, but obviously I was having an off day…

3. How many bottles of NP do you own?

Including multiple clear polishes/top coats – 113! I’m really surprised at that. Then I have almost 30 other polishes stockpiled to be sold/rehoused that I can’t wear due to my allergy.

4. How do you store your NP?

In a big gift box I bought from work. I’ve recently had to upgrade to a bigger size ☺

5. What’s the most you have ever paid for a bottle of NP and was it worth it?

(AUS) $32.30 (about $23 US dollars) plus shipping EACH for 2 N’fu Oh Holo polishes. And hell yeah! But would I do it again? Probably not.

6. How much would you say you spend on NP a month?

At the mo – nothing! I’m tapped out. My writing contracts tend to get paid in lump sums as I finish them, so I usually buy a big haul when a pay cheque comes in. Whenever that is. Luckily I’ve won some and got free samples of others!
The other alternative is my “Starving Artist Fund” change collection, which adds up pretty quickly.
Seeing as how most of my polish has to be bought overseas, it all costs a lot with shipping and the exchange rate. Therefore it requires a little extra budgeting.

7. How do you feel about fake nails?

Scared. Sometimes a little sleepy.

8. If you had to get rid of all your NP and could only keep 5 bottles, which ones would you choose? (It has to NP you already own)

Zoya Roxy, BB Couture Hermosa Surfer Girl, N’fu #51, N’fu #61, Maybelline Mirror Image. And if I could add one more? Maybelline Red Comet (as a dupe for CG’s Ruby Pumps, which I’m allergic to).

Notice they’re all glitters/holos....

9. Do you Franken your own NP?

Hell yes! With my allergies, it’s become a necessity. My holy grails are to get a match for OPI DS Extravagance and CG’s For Audrey.

10. What is your favorite brand of NP and why?

Uhhhh…that’s really hard, cos you turn to different brands for different things. Also, I haven’t tried some brands like Nubar yet. I’m in a state of flux at the mo.
Of the brands I actually have – it used to be Zoya. I can use their entire back-catalogue of colours without fear of allergic reaction - but I have many bones to pick with them over their prices and availability in Australia. BB Couture is now starting to overtake Zoya in my affections at this moment.

11. What is the best NP advice/tip/trick you have ever gotten?

WEAR it! Honestly, the best way to grow your nails is to wear polish on them. Preferably glitters cos they’re really tough. Oh, can I have one more? Do thinner coats. I always had bubbles until I started doing thinner coats.

12. Where do you live? (City and or State)

In real life - Melbourne, Victoria – Australia.
In my head – Richard Armitage’s underpants. They’re not a country. They’re a state of mind.

13. What do you do for a living?

Well I do that really clichéd thing of the “artiste” with a day job! I’m a screenwriter, working mostly in TV and have at various times been able to make a solid full-time living at it. Unfortunately with the way the world is at the moment, combined with a move across the country, I’ve had to take on a part-time day job in (gasp!) retail to supplement my income.

14. Do you have a significant other and/or any kids?

No and No. I fully expect to be a crazy old lady with cats eating my desiccated corpse.

15. What other hobbies do you have?

Not much besides writing, reading and movies/TV. I have no life. I would love to dance again but that would require actually getting up in front of people.

16. What is your favorite food?

What ISN’T my favourite food? Any variation on chocolate is alright by me. Give me Mud Cake and I’ll be your bitch. If I had to choose a cuisine – Italian. And I take my Ramen noodles al dente, please.

18. What is your best and worst quality?

Apparently I’m too negative for my own good. I can never do anything well enough to be satisfied. Sometimes this spills into crippling insecurity, depression, shyness, pessimism and bouts of watching “Two and a Half Men” and actually laughing. But then again, it stops me from getting a swelled head.
Um. Best? Don’t really know. You might have to ask someone who’s not me! I’m very quiet and punctual…

19. If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be and why?

Any of the guys from my MWCILTRMND articles – and the “why?”…you can’t print ;)

20. What is something about you that most people don’t know?

I wanted to be the world’s first Archaeologist-Ballerina as a kid. I was gonna discover Cleopatra's tomb in pointe shoes!

I would LOVE for you to include a picture of yourself for me to attach with this post! It could even be a baby pic. Of course, this is optional!! :)

Hehehe! I don’t “do” photos as such, I try to keep away from cameras as much as humanly possible! I have tried to destroy evidence on occasion as well (witness my mum discovering me burning my year 11 formal photos and freaking the hell out!). All my baby photos are on the other side of the country, too. The tiny photo on my blog required actual threats from a friend and 4 days of cajoling. But attached is a photo of me “Simpsonized” that’s actually a fairly accurate representation. I even had a top like that once…

There ya have it ladies! I wish I could air mail Nixxy to me!! lol She's just that great :)


Velvet said...

This was a great interview! Laughed while reading it! I love her "photo"!

Mary said...

Another fun interview! Keep these up Brooke, they're very enjoyable. Nixxy is one of my favorite blogs and it does not surprise me one bit that she is a writer in real life. She has a wonderful, funny and well written blog. Some of her answers are hilarious (see #12). Thanks Brooke & Nixie ♥

clockwork said...

lol, that was a fantastic interview! would also like to take up residence in Richard Armitage's pants. XD Great read ladies, always fun to learn more!

Alexlyndra said...

haha "14. Do you have a significant other and/or any kids?

No and No. I fully expect to be a crazy old lady with cats eating my desiccated corpse."

That gave me a little laugh. Funny comment! ;)

Savvy said...

omg! I love this chick! where has she been all my life? she's like my long lost bestie! (dont tell my real bestie that lol)

Lacquer Laine said...

Phenomenal interview!!! Such personality!

I know I've said it before but this is such an awesome idea Brooke! you are amazing

Jamie said...

Wonderful interview! If there's anyone who has missed her "MWCILTRMND" posts, seriously, go look them up now. Not to detract from her polish posts, which are great too...

Pixie said...

I love me some Nixxy <3

Vanessa said...

Wow! I want some Nixxy too :) Hey Nix; you will have flown all around the globe before we're done with ya!! lol :D

Helen said...

Fantastic interview - am loving the thought of you as a dancing archaeologist - brilliant!

Now for a confession. I am English and I don't know who Richard Armitage is. Oops, it appears I am missing out! Will track him down for you Nixxy - how hard can it be?

Helen said...

Fantastic interview - am loving the thought of you as a dancing archaeologist - brilliant!

Now for a confession. I am English and I don't know who Richard Armitage is. Oops, it appears I am missing out! Will track him down for you Nixxy - how hard can it be?

Helen said...

ooh oops sorry for the double post :0(

blzcrzy said...

Great interview. Very funny.

MrsKiwiYeti said...

Helen's sending Nixxy Richard Armitage? Well if I knew you only had to ask... Can someone in France send me Johnny Depp?

PS - Nixxy, you need to add a piano to #14. It's a good place to line up all those cat food cans, while you play, sing, drink wine and smoke ciggies!!!

Ask my why I know that...

Violet LeBeaux said...

XD That was a fantastic interview! Woo for another Aussie!

Olivia C. said...

Loved that!! Can't wait to read more on other bloggers!! :)

The Asian Girl said...

What an original :)

Lucy said...

Enjoyed the interview. Made me laugh. All I can picture is Nixxy in a safari outfit with toe show on. She's in Egypt at the pyramid's and she en pointe saying "I've found Cleopatra's tomb". She just cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

This just make me realise - Nixxy IS the only exclusively Big3 Free blog. We should market it to pregnancy magazines, nappy copmanies, Lifestyle Home and Health, hospital maternity wards, obstetricians...
The "So you're going to have a baby" pamphlet could have the URL of Nixxy's Nails on the front cover!

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