Friday, April 10, 2009


I finally got around to doing my baby girl's nails last night! I have been meaning to do her nails for quite some time now, and just keep forgetting or putting it off.

For Dinky's mani she decided to go with China Glaze - Flying Dragon. Flying Dragon is a dark purple loaded with pink and blueish/purplish glitter. I love this color for a couple of reasons, it's dark, but not TOO dark, it has GLITTAH and it dries pretty quick. I don't like this color because it does require several top coats to have a smooth finish.

Dinky is such a little model! I swear she just lays there, with her little paws sticking out so that I can take pics.

And for my baby being such a pretty model dog, she got a treaty, a beggin' strip! I usually get her the VitaLife chicken tenders, but I have not been a good mom to Dinky and have not gone to petsmart to get her some more. The dehydrated chicken is so much better for her since the only ingredient is chicken! Plus one of these treats she can work on for a good 20 minutes.
Have you other dog owners seen these before? They just seem so much better for your dogs to eat, but they are kind of expensive. It wouldn't take long for a big dog to go through a bag in a short amount of time. Do you all know of any other good, healthy & natural dog treats?

Dinky says her beggin' strip is her "prop" for her nail pics! She looks like she is really tearing into this thing, but she isn't! Dinky is a timid little eater :)

She looks like she is growling here, but she isn't. She has never growled over food.

I also have a couple more pics of the Dinkster to share. Dinky is a night owl like me. Me and my girl stay up late into the night. We usually don't go to bed until about 1 or 2. Night time is when Dinky likes to get wild and play and fight. She gets these sugar bursts of energy where she just has to run around the house to get it all out! It is the funniest thing, I am going to have to get it on video one of these nights so I can show you all. She runs as fast as she can, last night it was around the coffee table. She ran around that thing probably 10 times and then she jumps up on the couch all out of breath, lol. Then I will put her down and she will start the running all over again! We call it "rodeo dog". I tell you all this, because I am sure you can imagine then that Dinky doesn't like to get up in the morning. She will stay under the covers until I get dressed and take her outside. I snapped a couple of pics yesterday morning of Dinky being a lazy, non-morning dog.

That's all the Dinky stuff I have for you today :)
Speaking of Dinky, OLGA where have you been????


Jamie said...

Dinky is just too funny (lovely polish, by the way)! Our youngest dog (at 4 yrs) is Lucy, and when she gets the urge to run like that, we call it the "zoomies". She "zooms" all over the house, normally with Gabriel on her heels, and anyone in the way better watch out! You can imagine 2 70lb dogs racing around furniture and under's pretty amazing...

I used to do chicken jerky with the dogs, but they do go through it really quickly, and Lucy has special "dietary needs" now. We use smaller bits now - Merrick's dried lamb lung so they just get a meat "taste". I also give them baby carrots to snack on - it's crunchy, and dogs can't really digest veggies unless they're really pulped up (can't break down the cell walls), so it's a "no calorie" snack that the dogs really like (cheap too).

They also get real bones to chew on - but their bones are almost as big as little Dinky! ;-)

Nessa said...

My dog has a 'special diet' too like Jamie's. I give her 'special' treats from Banfield (pet hospital in Petsmart) and they are about $10/bag!! It lasts about a year though b/c we don't give her them a lot. Never heard of chicken jerky- might have to try that. The last 'adventurous' thing we tried was Greenies- I recommend to never get this! Maybe it's from her sensitive stomach- but it gave her diarreha for 2 days and I gave her a tiny one. It was 'all natural' maybe chicken jerky is not a good idea for my girl :( It's so hard with this special diet I want to spoil her, but it's sooo hard. We do give her a bone- they only toy she has b/c she destroys every other toy w/in 10 minutes. It's from Wal-Mart so it's cheap (thank God). It's a pink Hartz bone that's bacon flavored and she loves it! It lasts for about a week with her.
Onto the np selection- looks great on her, Brooke! She chose a great color! And an awesome prop.

clockwork said...

Oh she looks absolutely adorable!

Brooke said...

JAMIE - Oh my! I can just imagine two big ol' dogs running around! lol

NESSA - I got Dinky a couple of those greenies and she wanted nothing to do with them. Thanks! BTW - Her prop didn't last very long :)

CLOCKWORK - THank you!

Datura Rose said...

Have you seen the doggie nail polish by OPI called Pawlish? I think it might be discontinued now, but you can still buy it on some sites.

Lucy said...

I can just imagine Dinky running around the table. My dogs used to go crazy like that also. I had toy and a miniature poodles. They were such fun. I love Dinky's mani/pedi, she looks so fashionable.

Mary said...

Does Dinky have an agent? She needs to be in the movies, such a personality! I've not seen those dog treats, but I know how expensive dog food/treats are. They eat better than we do, but we love 'em.

Violet LeBeaux said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a good little model! I want a little puppy so badly but our landlord won't let us *_*

Nixxy said...

Dinky's a girl after my own heart :) I'm a night owl, too. I get all my best writing done in the wee hours. NOT a morning person at all! Has someone invented doggy coffee yet? Maybe Dink need a shot of that in the morn :)

Pixie said...

Ohhh, I lurve Teh Dinky. Such a cutie. Please tell her that Flying Dragon is a favorite of mine too. Unfortunately my kittehs would go for the jugular if I ever tried to put nail polish on them ROFL.

Nessa said...

Brooke- I just got my Bella some of those dried Chicken Tenders and she loved them! I gave her a half of one (just in case it is an adverse reaction for her) and she gobbled it up! Thanks for the rec!

Penny @ Zularis Naturals said...

Dinky is just too cute! My middle daughter was looking at the pictures and is in LOVE with her.

Faith said...

Oo, my doggy does the same thing where he runs and runs just randomly cuz he's happy. :) We call them joy runs. :) Thankfully he's stopped doing them in the house and only does them outside b/c he's a 95 lb golden retriever! haha.

Brooke said...

DATURA - Yes I have, but I wasn't able to find any still available. Thanks for the link.

LUCY - Thank you! I love to watch her Rodeo Dog, I always get such a big laugh out of it!

MARy - Doesn't she!! lol I'm too stingy with her though, I wouldn't want to have to be without her while she was away shooting movies - lmao!!

VIOLET - Ohhh, that is too bad!! I don't know what I would do without and animal in my life!

NIXXY - Doggy coffee - no there is an idea! lol I think most dogs are morning dogs though! lol Me and DInky stay up very late at night, we have the best fun :)

PIXIE - DInky said thanks! She also suggested you threaten your kitty's with your huge thumb nail, that might do the trick!! lol

NESSA - No prob! I just found that walmart has started carrying them. They had two different brands, and when I looked at the ingredients one had added sugar and soemthing else, so I got the ones that just listed chicken as the ingredient. They sold for the same price for the same size bag.

PENNY - I'm a middle child too! Tell your daughter I said us middled children have the best taste!!

FAITH- Yikes!!! Yes, good thing the doggy moved the joy runs outside!!

Nessa said...

Brooke- I guess it was a no-go. The poor baby started scratching 2 days later and we had to take her to the vet. I didn't put 2&2 together that it could have been the treats until they asked me if I had given her any new treats. My bf looked at me and smiled, bc we really aren't suppose to give her anything that we haven't cleared with the vet. I figured ' ingredient:chicken- can't go wrong with that' apparantely it can!
And the gas that dog was spouting- ugghh! I can't spoil this dog no matter how hard I try. :( Guess I'll have to stick to those Banfield treats after all.

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