Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm sure most of you have seen the pictures of Rescue Beauty Lounge's spring collection. If not, check them out below:

These nail polishes (just like all of RBL's) sell for a whopping $18.00 each!!!

I am not a fan of this collection for a couple of reasons. The first being that I don't like the color combo's of the glitter. The combo's just aren't "ME" I guess. Of course lots of ladies out there are itching to get their hands on all three bottles. But what bothers me most about this collection (as it has several other people too) is the little back story that Ji gives. Basically that with the economy the way it is, people don't have a lot of money right now. So buy her $18.00 nail polish and you can "be cheap and look rich" . . . . . . . . . . . uhh, whatev's Ji baby!

So Miss Baek, I say to you, THIS is how glitter is done AND at half the price too!!
Couldn't you just put a straw on that nail and slurp this all up???

A little tip wear, but like most thick, glitter polishes this will happen. It isn't nearly as noticeable as it is in this enlarged pic though.

This is a pic in the SHADE ladies!!

That's my steering wheel I am holding on to, this nail polish is a definite road hazard! I couldn't quit looking at my nails while I was driving!

This nail polish was OPAQUE in ONE coat!!!

Look at that rainbow of glitters!

ooooohhhhhhh!! aaaaaahhhhhhh! Just like watching Fireworks!!

Extreme closeup of my nail. Jam packed full of glitter and color!

Hey PIXIE - here is a pic of my giant thumb!! :)

Did you get your glitter fixx ladies? I know I did :)

Of course, this nail polish is only available in Japan right now (thanks again Super Jen!).

Eat your heart out Ji Baek :)))))


Rai said...

WHOOOOOOOA! I'm in a daze!
It's super pretty and glittery!!

Olivia C. said...

WOW! Love that polish!
It is much better than an $18.00 bottle.

Vanessa said...

WTF; she actually said that??! That's horrific.
Your nails however, are not; they're stunning, almost hurts my eyes too look at all that bling!

clockwork said...

Absolutely better than the eighteen dollar bottles. Good lord though, what a statement to make XD 'be cheap and look rich' my arse!

Jamie said...

Your blue is just gorgeous, all sparkly and such...

And I'm not paying any $18 for one bottle of polish (especially now that I've done the $16 Nars thing and regretted it)...

...but I do admit to loving those RBL colors. *sigh*

Deez Nailz said...

Whoa that is impressive...... very very pretty, but avail. only in Japan ? { * makes sad face * } not fair!!!!!

Dee said...

Baek's comment is probably aimed towards the folks that had ten million dollars, and now must get by on five million due to the economy. She's a bit out of touch from the average person. I am not that crazy about the RBL's anyway, especially at that price. That Japanese blue is nice, though.

Velvet said...

Bling,Bling,and more Bling!!! you know me,I love it!!! I've been wondering myself how spending $18 a bottle is looking rich,yet being cheap! Lol!

Anonymous said...

wow..that really is glittery!

I'm not taking sides but RBL is cheaper than Chanel and if you don't want to buy RBL, then don't. It's just a choice.

- Belle-

Colette said...

GAAAHHH! Brooke, I was so hoping you were going to announce it as a Dollar Tree find so I could go scour every one in a 5-mile radius!

I must go soothe myself ... with some kind of glitter ...

nevertoomuchglitter said...

Brooke- That looks awesome. Glitterbombtacular, even! And one coat?! Wowee!
I too was irritated by that comment about “Look rich, be cheap” for an $18 dollar bottle of nail polish. Look rich and be cheap= Frankening! I betcha I can make a dupe of any of those for about 25 cents, if that. It's just glitter in a base.

Nessa said...

Yes! My eyes are hurting! How is the removal though?
I read that removal on those $18 suckers are easy, not that I would spend that much, though.

wixology said...

I totally agree with you!

I gotta say I was afraid to give my opinion of the RBLs because of all the "nail-blog-love" they've been receiving.

I can't picture anyone who would think nothing of dropping $18 on a bottle of polish ACTUALLY wearing these.

For my taste, more than two colors of glitter blended together just looks muddy and defeats the purpose.

Just my .02, and thanks for giving a voice to those of us too chicken to say what we're thinking. =]

Lucy said...

Isnt't there somewhere online to buy that beautiful polish? I thought for sure you were going to say found this at the dollar store. I so wanted those three polishes. I just didn't want to pay the price for them. I hope someone can franken them and tell us how. I'm going to go outside now in the pouring rain to sob my heart out. "Where is my glittery polish"! Not really but boo hoo anyway.

Nixxy said...

ah! So great I'm not the only one who thought the RBL glitters were fugly! And the price just puts another nail in the coffin. This blue polish is the BOMB! It looks like fish scales, it's that dense. Fanstastic...

Laure said...

Oh that blue is sooo pretty. I know people are raving about the RBL polishes but I really don't see the attraction (neither does my wallet! ;)

Brooke said...

RAI - Isn't it just THE best glitter polish?!

OLIVIA C - I couldn't agree more :)

VANESSA - Yes she did, of course I paraphrased, but that was basically it. I think I read it on All Lacquered Up.

CLOCKWORK - Thank you! I agree, $18 is like 7 bottles of china glaze, lol!

JAMIE - After reading the comments, that collection is a LOVE it or HATE it.

DEEZ NAILZ - I know that sucks it is only avail. in Japan, it took me about a year before I got my bottles of these loverlies :) They did not disapoint!

DEE - Thanks. Lol at having to scrape by on only 5 mil.

VELVET - Bling bling is right! I guess if I was rich, $18 would just b a drop in the bucket. But I'm not, so that's alot of moolah!

BELLE - No sides to be taken here, I love hearing what everyone has to say, no on has to agree with me. Of course that's true about Chanel, but I don't buy that polish either, lol! Thanks for stopping by and putting in your 2 cents :)

COLETTE - lol! Nope, not a dollar tree find. This babies came all the way in from my good friend Jen of Never Too Much Glitter :)

NEVER TOO MUCH GLITTER - I should correct my post to say that it was opaque in one coat, but I used two to really smooth it out and lay it on thick.
I bet you could make all of those pretty cheap, it does appear to be just glitter in a clear base. I say you do it, and show how to really look rich and be cheap!

NESSA - The removal was about the same as any glitter polish.

WIXOLOGY - Thanks for stopping by! I know how it goes with some of these nail polishes, people will just fall all over themselves and everyone wants the same ones. I just didn't see it with these nail polishes. Like I said earlier, this appears to be a collection people LOVE or HATE. I'm glad you stopped by to let us know what you REALLY think of these :) lol

LUCY - There is no where online (not even Ebay) that sells TiNS. Jen from Never Too Much Glitter who lives in Japan was nice enough to be my personal shopper and pick some up for me and mail them here to me. TiNS won't sell/ship to the US.

NIXXY - I'm glad I did this post, seems there are a couple people that don't like this collection and just hadn't said anything. I thought my nails look like an aquarium, just like looking down through the water at sparkly rocks on the bottom.

LAURE - Thank you. I'm LOVING my TiNS! Wow, I'm surprised there were several of you that didn't like these nail polishes either, since I had not really seen it on other blogs. Thanks for letting us know what you think ;)

Alexlyndra said...

$18.00...?!?! OMG, that's a lot! I've seen the swatches of these polishes and if I compare them with your swatch in this post, it's absolutely NOT worth the money, in any way. Your nails look amaxing! I love the glitter, totally!

Pixie said...

Dood, don't try to mess with me! Your thumb is tiny and my thumb could beat up your thumb any day of the week even when your thumb was wearing that goegeous blue glitter and my thumb was only wearing a sheer satan polish!

Nixxy said...

Oooh! Thumb war looming! Someone call the UN :D

Penny @ Zularis Naturals said...

Now that is some serious glitter bling! And in blue favorite color. So sad that this isn't available in the US :( I would never in a million years pay $18 for polish. Would love to hear if anyone finds a close dupe that's available in the US. Thanks for all the great pics!

Brooke said...

ALEXLYNDRA - Thanks! I think most are agreed that $18 is just too high for one polish.

PIXIE - In your thumb's dreams it could kick my thumbs....thumb?? With glitter this fantastic, one glint of the sun of my thumb's nail and your thumb would go hide (and I'm not saying where you should put that thumb either :)

NIXXY - YOu trying to get in on this hot thumb on thumb action ??

PENNY - Thanks. DOn't know of any dupes yet, it might have to besomething that is frankened.

aquaracer said...

O-M-G! This is fantabulous!!! Me like!! The glitters are perfect! ahhhhh..don't wanna start lemming! haha

Anonymous said...


I know, these are only available on Japan :( But could we know the name of the company and color? How much did it run you??

Brooke said...

ANON - The brand is Estessimo Takara International Nails TiNS.

I had friend in Japan that was able to get these for me, and she found them on sale and has a discount card, so they ran me about $9.00 each.

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