Friday, June 5, 2009


I recently got a comment from a lovely lady about me Twittering. My immediate reaction was no. I don't already and didn't really have an interest in doing so. However, this young lady was persistent, so I decided the fair thing to do would be to put it to a vote. Majority wins on this one ladies. And really I don't mind doing it (about this blog only) if that is something that you guys are interested in, so please vote on what you feel and not on what you think I want to do, ok! Thanks ladies, I will leave the poll up through this weekend :)


Also Don't forget to let me know if you have a blog that you would like for me to feature on my upcoming New Blogs On the Block post on Monday morning. Either email me with a link at or let me know in the comments section. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Helen said...

I'm a Twitter luddite so don't know what to recommend. I have enough to do with work, blogs, Facebook and everything else - Twitter scares me a bit. I believe it is a good way of spreading the word though so might increase your number of followers.

Nicole said...

I twitter! I'd follow you in a heartbeat, and it is a great way to spread the word about new posts, upcoming topics, etc. I think that nobody would probably know about my blog, except some of my YT subscribers followed me on twitter and found out where I was blogging.
The only problem? It's addictive! I find it fun. There are a lot of NP bloggers on Twitter already.
Needless to say, I voted for yes :)
If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to be featured, I'd like a bit more interaction at my blog :)
Thanks Brooke! By the way, found some of those plastic boxes you were telling me about!

Dee said...

I have a Twitter account, but I have never "twittered" about my activities. It seems pointless. I don't look at the Twitter-ers I follow much, because I am too busy with other things. The entries are often boring, like "ooh it's raining" or "I missed the train". I do follow some local politicians, the POTUS, and Dictator Kim Jong Il (okay, I don't really know why I follow that last guy, but the entries are really weird). I prefer to follow you through RSS.

KawaiiFallenStar said...

I have twitter.. I personally like it..
I can update what im doing and see what others are updating..
I would recommend it..

adorepink said...

I voted yes. I thought the same thing about twitter at first but I like it now! I dont think I excessively tweet either. I think there can be a balance :-) But if you dont, its all cool because I am going to follow and love your blog anyway.

Lucy said...

I really don't understand the fascination of Twitter. The information I want to know is not so important that I have to know it immediately. It takes a long time as it is to keep up with all the nail blogs. These are the only ones that I keep up with regularlly. Just to read and comment takes a long time. How would I have time to read Twitter? What is so important with nail polish that you need information immediately? That's just my humble opinion.

Beatriz said...

"What is so important with nail polish".. whu.. WHAT?!?!?!
I think if I'm reading a nail polish blog quite regularly then.. I think nail polish is important!

I would LOVE to know the minute you come out with a new blog post! I know you do them quite often so instead of rechecking your page multiple times a day a tweet would prompt me to head on over to check out your latest blog.
You don't have to tweet about what color socks you are wearing or other mundane stuff that some people tweet about but it’s just a helpful "poke" to remind your followers that you put up something new!
anyway. long comment short: I voted yes. :)

yummy411 said...

tweet tweet! i'm a tweeter. i think you should. just another form of entertainment really. some ppl log on for a few some are on all DANG day. it's up to you, but it's a great way to KIT with your community of bloggers and readers.. it's like universal aim. i was introduced last year and thought it was dumb but the election and big events.. it's a riot! it's like being able to hang out with some of your fave online folks, but you are physically LOL!

join, see if you like it. if you don't.. close your acct..


Rai said...

I'm so Anti-Twitter. lol

Kaybee said...

Hi Brooke! I have a blog called Look At This Polish at I would be extremely thrilled if you featured me!! I'm the one who's always calling for MORE DINKY!! I think Dinky is the sweetest thing! My dogs made an appearance in a blog, mostly because my Joe got polish on my work pants. I love your blog and all the mayhem, and your nails are beautiful!

MrsKiwiYeti said...

No interest in Twitter here. I love the RSS feeds :}

Nessa said...

Hey, Brooke! I voted yes, and I do have a twitter account. I don't twitter all the time, it's a come-and-go thing for me.

Jamie D. said...

I'm on twitter, and I do post notices of my recent blog posts. But you should know that if you're *only* going to post notices of new posts, you probably won't get many followers. Many people on twitter prefer that you intersperse blog post notices with other stuff about you - otherwise it's just the equivalent of "spam" (advertising without giving anything else in return). So there is another time element to consider.

And you'll *want* to be more involved anyways if you start...I really wasn't all that fond of the idea at first, but it is quite addictive. Just so you know... ;-)

Kerriann said...

I'd love for you to feature my blog--

It's all about recession-friendly beauty products (with a little nail talk thrown in)!

Celly | La Dolce Vita said...

twitter = ew.
i like blogging. i like forums. i like facebook/myspace. twitter is just an form to put me to sleep.

i mean, really... do people care if you just left home depot 5 minutes ago? zzz. i have one but dont even go on it or care to look at it. even following celebs i found them boring.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke,
The only reason I Twitter is because I don't blog everyday.

I usually just update the polish colors/designs I'm wearing on tips & toes, once a day, on Twitter, which then shows up on my blog. (You can link from there, and vice versa.)

People follow me on Twitter who have never read my blog, and then end up following that, too...since I have a link to my blog there.

It doesn't have to be time/energy consuming, and since you can ONLY write 140 characters anyway, it's a quick update!(And would be perfect when something keeps you from doing a full blog post!)

Anyway, I recommend it, but you're not alone in your resistance to it!

~wixbetty =]

The Pretty Brown Girl said...


I've been active on twitter since the beginning of the year, but recently made a separate account just for 52Flavors. I use an auto-feed program to tweet when a new post goes up and I interact w/polish addicts & beauty mavens of all shades there. It's an excellent way to spread the word farther about your blog. My hits went way up when I did it!


marble123 said...

Hi Brooke,

I love your blog! I've been secretly reading and i've always wanted to comment but didn't really have anything intellegent to say. With regards to your post:

Twitter: it's fun but ADDICTIVE! but it is a great way to find out what everyone's doing.

New blogs: I've started a newbie blog cause i've currently started a nail hobby course. I just wanna get to meet nail fanatics like myself.. make some friends and share techniques along the way!

Love your blog. Keep up the good work :)

Amanda said...

How sound just like I did about a week ago. I finally caved and gave in to Twittering and it's very easy and a good way to keep up with people! :-)

sparklingpinkgorilla said...

I'd only twitter if I lived a super exciting life jet-setting or something, haha! I know alot of people aren't going to like that comment but it's how I feel. I don't want to read what other people are doing, thinking, or seeing, and I hope they don't wanna read what I'm doing, thinking or seeing. There are thopse people though that want everyone to know everything... Anyways, the only exception would be shameless self-promotion. If you can increase readersof your blog, do it! O, and I'd love to be featured!

Brooke said...

** TO ALL **

Thank you all SOOOO much for your input! I really enjoy hearing others opinions and appreciate the time you all took to let me know why you like or don't like twitter.

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