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You might remember last week my post on Super Star Nail Lacquer, and how my shipment of 5 nail polishes cost me $13.95 in shipping from Michigan to Oklahoma. After I read my comments expressing shock over the shipping costs and feeling myself that I had been over charged I sent an email to Super Star inquiring as to why the price was so high. I would like to post for you the response I rec'd back:

Thank you for your constructive feedback on our shipping fees. We really do appreciate your business and in no way trying to "gouge" our shipping prices. We recently upgraded our shipping calculator and due to a few technicalities, for a few days, our prices were higher than normal. Our staff worked very hard to resolve this matter very quickly and When our customers brought this to our attention, we immediately made adjustments to reflect more reasonable shipping prices.

At Superstar, it is our desire to get our product to you in very timely and secure manner. This is why we prefer UPS because it offers secure delivery anywhere with tracking at all points. Our new upgraded UPS shipping calculator quotes shipping costs according to distance and weight. To our knowledge, this calculator is accurate and fair. The average cost for s! hipping will be around $9.00, however UPS has informed us that they do charge more for remote locations, or hard to reach destinations.. We've never shipped any of our packages from UPS for $7.00.

We're sure this was not the case with your order. Your shipping charge was soley due to the technicalities in our shipping module upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please inform your readers that we do not participate or condone in upcharging shipping costs. It is our desire to give you the best rate possible with quality assurance.

Thank you again for your feedback, You are a Superstar!

Superstar Staff

I must say I was still curious about that $9.00, to me it still seems really high, especially for only 5 nail polishes. As I said I have helped out our shipping department here at my job before, and we use UPS, so I was still feeling pretty firm that I know we ship out small packages all over the US and it is usually around $7. So I went to, and I calculated time and cost of a shipment from the address my package came from to my place of business where I had the nail polish shipped. I entered in a weight of 5 lbs, which I know was over the total weight of the package I rec'd, just to give them the benefit of the doubt. I selected that they have a regular pick up at their location (which is the ONLY thing I am not for sure on, but being a business that must rely on shipping, I assume that they do). The total that UPS came up with was $6.72. Please note that I used the calculator on UPS's website, so these rates would apply to everyone.

All that being said - Do I like the nail polish I rec'd from Superstar? YES! I think the colors that I chose are pretty unique colors, and I am happy with them.
Would I get any other nail polish from them? Me personally, at this time No. Maybe in the future if they came out with another just really awesome color that I just had to have, I might order it.

How do I feel about the shipping hoopla? I really don't know how I feel right now. I do feel that $9.00 for shipping is still high, especially after checking on I feel a little sour that in the letter they basically admit that something was wrong with their system and that was why I was over charged for shipping, but no attempt was made to correct that over charge. However, when I originally tried to place my order there was some problems with their website and it said it didn't ship to my region. Superstar did contact me and send me a 10% off my next visit, so I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that no attempt was made to correct my over charge of shipping.

So the final word, you be the judge. If you really like the nail polish and don't mind the $9.00 shipping - go for it. I know you will like the nail polish. However, if you don't just need any of their colors and don't want to pay the $9.00 shipping, I would say pass on it.


Dee said...

Good heavens, what poor customer service. If they actually made a mistake on your billing, they should correct it, plain and simple. Their web site does not have a simple explanation of what their shipping costs are, unlike many other websites. I also might be driven mad by the music on their website. I will be shopping elsewhere.

I H said...

Totally wrong... company must do something and right now... it is a terrible customer service.

Nessa said...

I agree, bad customer service! I can't believe that they admitted that there was a problem and did not feel the need to correct it with your order by refunding some of your shipping costs.
I am not shopping there b/c the shipping is too expensive and I am only head-over-heels about 1 np: Rising Star Razzberry.
Onto buy some Nfu-Ohs! Are there any that I NEED to have?? e-mail me

Rai said...

Since there was an error and you were overcharged for shipping, ARE THEY REFUNDING YOU?!

I rather go into a store & buy some other nail polish than order it online.

I hate paying for shipping for anybody, kinda a cheap-o. lol
$7 shipping is too much for me. =/

OLga said...

It is obvious these people have no idea how important good customer service is.

They admit they overcharge for the shipping but feel no need to compensate the costumer, it all boils down to "i goofed up, deal with it".

They should reimburse the money or send you an np of your choice (or two!) free of charge.

It is the least they could do to keep a customer happy, it is rather arrogant to give an unhappy customer 10% off the next purchase.

Brooke said...

TO ALL - What can I say, I agree with you all! :)

Anonymous said...

I recently bought Superstarnail polish and had it shipped to Sweden.
They could not fill in the Customer declaration correctly. They wrote a too high value on the package. Instead of the total amount of approximately $ 40 (including shipping), it was declared to $ 83.
For that I had to pay 25% VAT.
I have sent two e-mail to customer service but they have not responded to my mail. A little apology or a sorry would be a simple thing to give?
I will never buy their nail polish again!

Brooke said...

ANON/SANNA - SOrry to hear that! Superstar should have really responded back to you, I would try to call them on the phone, they can't avoid you that way. WOuld love to hear if you ever got a response and if/when you do what they do to correct it.

Anonymous said...

It took just 2 hours after I wrote the comment in your blog, when I received an e-mail from them.
I had an excuse for what happened and they will come back when they "looked over" what went wrong.
Hihi .. it was the most expensive nail polish I bought, ever (Which has not been HTF), because of their mistake.

How sweet of you to you offered you to call them! :)

Brooke said...

SANNA - Let me know how it all ends up, ok?

Anonymous said...

hey ladies, I have read all the comments about this Superstarnaillacquer and I can honestly say I did encounter a small shipping issue with my order, but the company refunded the difference for me. Sounds like it may have been the same type of order issue. Although it took a few days, I was pleased with the end result and I love my polish, the colors are hot! I will order again.

Brooke said...

ANON - I'm glad to hear that your problem was resolved so easy. I think the main problem is the inconsistancy. The fact they acknowledge they messed up and over charged me and didn't offer a refund is irksome. However I learned my lesson and will know what I am going up against if I decide to order from the company again. Thanks for your input on this, I appreciate it :)

Denny said...

I wanted to order 1 bottle of polish from this company and the shipping is out of control. It will cost $10 + $8.50 for the polish. I think NOT. I will do business elsewhere. I agree with your decision to not purchase with them. Thanks for getting the word out girl!

Brooke said...

DENNY - I would def. buy some if it were in a sote, but not the shipping route! Glad I helped :) and thanks for the comment.

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