Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yes, a FREE konad kit is up for grabs! OC NAIL ART and Getcha Nails Did have teamed up, and we are offering:

(1) Konad "S" Kit which contains:
(1) M2 Disk
(1) Bottle of Konad Special Polish in white
(1) Stamper
(1) Scraper

We are also including the very popular M71 plate too!

Two (2) of my favorite plates M57 & M60:

And ONE (1) bottle of Konad Special Polish in black.

My last Konad giveaway was a blast and I promised that I would be having another one for you again. May is my birthday month and I wanted to plan several giveaways through out the month, so I thought this was a great way to kick it off!

As most of you know, I was like most of you and put off buying myself a Konad. It took the Polish Pixie to send me one, and I have regretted waiting so long! I want to hear YOUR reasons for putting off getting a Konad!


1. Leave me a comment letting me know why you haven't gotten a konad kit for yourself yet.

2. Make sure there is an email address for me to contact you by. A couple of entries so far don't have profiles enabled and no email addys were left!!! Please make sure I can contact you by email!


This giveaway is open only to my Followers! So you must be a follower!

International followers are included in this :)

If you already have a konad, please skip this one!! I will have other giveaways coming up soon, so let's give someone else a chance at the konad - thank you! :)

This contest is open until Monday May 25th, on that date I will announce the winner. I will be using Random.org to randomly pick the winner.



Remember: You can still get your own Konad and all the supplies needed by ordering from OC NAIL ART! Using the coupon code "GETCHA" at checkout will get you an extra 20% off your entire order! Also, all orders over $20 Kathleen of OC NAIL ART will ship to you FREE, and the best part is that she has included INTERNATIONAL orders in that promo as well! That is unheard of :)


A special THANK YOU goes out to Kathleen of OC Nail Art who was kind enough to donate a portion of the prizes available!! She really helped make this a much better giveaway for you ladies and I appreciate her so much for all she has done! She truly does this all out of the goodness of her heart and her love for Konad and nail art. Kathleen, you are a wonderful woman, thank you so much for your donation.


Mary said...

That's great, Brooke! I have a Konad but want to say the m57 is my favorite plate! You'll make someone very happy :)

Marina said...

I haven't gotten a kit yet because of the price it comes to after you add all the really cool plates and a few different colors of special polishes

ShanSoPink said...

I love seeing everyone's Konad pics but I havent purchased one yet because I'm a broke college student lol :-P

D:) said...

I didn't get the kit b/c I didn't like the idea of having to use only special polish.

IbisCaraib said...

Well I am a casualty of this economy. With such an unreliable source of income I just can't justify spending money on a kit (my bf would be so upset). So I guess this is my only way of getting one any time soon.

Or maybe I'll get a ridiculous bonus out of the blue and have all of my beauty needs met after a wonderful shopping spree... yeah, right...

I would love to play with all of those kits. This would be a wonderful place to start. The M60 looks so cute...

Stargirl said...

What a great contest! The reason I don't have Konad yet is because I am a poor college student. I have a job but all my money goes towards tuition and bills. And I have no sugar daddy. T_T

Chrissy said...

The only reason why I haven't gotten one is because I can't afford it yet. I really want one. I hope I win!! Lol.


Candi said...

I haven't purchased one yet because I wasn't sure whether or not it would be a good investment based on how much I would use it. It seems like there is a learning curve and I am all thumbs and can't even draw stick figures.

Anonymous said...

i am a recent convert to painting my nails. still not very good at it yet. i love the konad, but am too intimidated by the process to spend that kind of money. but i'll learn if i win this contest! thatnks for all you do to help out newbies like myself!

gatesofrocknroll said...

I have not bought a konad because I've only recently started taking care of my nails. This would give me even more motivation to keep my tips in good shape!

- Angela
gatesofrocknroll {at} gmail {dot} com

IbisCaraib said...

Ooh and I also want to start posting nail pics on my blog once I get up and running again. I would love to be the first blogger of color (that I know of) posting konad pics.


Anonymous said...

I haven't got one because i thought it would only work with their polish brands. Having to buy them seemed like spending a lot of $ that i don't have.
But now all i see on a lot of blogs are different designs with all kinds of polish. I would love to win this. Thanks
(p.s. I am a follower but the yahoo is not letting me log in when i check your blog)


Anonymous said...

The reason why I haven't gotten Konad, was because I didn't believe at first after seeing the U-Tube video that a perfect manicure could be possible to achieve at home, even though I'm very gullible when it comes to skin care stuff etc. Second, I've come across reviews from people who say that the art of konad is not as easy as the video explains it to be. Many get frustrated and so I thought once I have extra money, I may give it a shot!
Thanks, For have an amazing contest
g'luck everyone!!!

Reiko said...

This is so amazing! I would love to try konad - I see it everywhere and it looks like a lot of fun.


Lisa (dot) Hesterberg (at) gmail (dot) com

IbisCaraib said...

In all of my posting I forgot to publish my email address... ibismakeupmymind(at)gmail(dot)com

karen said...

oomggggg!!! this would be the best ever!!! all those plates are the ones I want :P
I haven't gotten Konad for myself because i'm broke as heck but I was going to buy it for my bff since she wanted one and her bday is in like 2 weeks and duh, i could bum it off her but sadly we're not on speaking terms and i couldn't just buy this for myself... thanks for having this give away though! :D


Bella said...

I suppose I haven't gotten one for myself for several reasons, the first being that it appears very intimidating! I'm afraid that I won't be able to master it like you do. Also, I don't really know where to get it from. If I could win one that would totally rock.

admin @ bellainthecity.com

clockwork said...

Hmm, I've not got one because I'm the procrastinating kind! That and I am not sure where to start with all the amazing plates available!


kittyluvscolor said...

Hey Brooke this is awesome of you and Kathleen! So I haven't gotten a konad yet because I was laid off and am on unemployment, with three kids I can't justify extras.... even the polishes I buy are more than I should spend. But one day I really hope to own one! Thanks Kitty!

Rai said...

I've been curious about the Konad, but I just haven't actually purchased it.


Nina said...

I can't afford a Konad set so it would be great to win this!


Kajsa said...

I think Konad is too damn expensive for my small budget, so please pleeeease let me win god dammit! :D

monticka at gmail

Nitzan said...

Why should I win ? That's easy! we don't have any Konad here in Israel and i am soooo jealous!

so for one like me who's unfortunate please let me win :)


Saimese said...

Great giveaway! It's really sweet of you to have giveaways during your birthday month :)

I recently (since I am fairly new to blogging) found out about Konad through some of the bloggers , but I haven't had the chance to look into purchasing it & I am on a tight budget at the moment, so it would be great to get a chance to win this & try it out & see what the hype is all about. It does look really cute. My e-mail address is miss.saimshaikh@gmail.com

Btw, I made a post on all the contests & giveaways on Blogger right now & I added this contest & the OC Nail Art contest to the list as well. Hope that helps you get more entries to choose from.

Sasha said...

I haven't gotten a kit yet because I've been so busy, but hopefully things will slow down. Plus, if I won, I'd MAKE the time to do it! Thanks for a great giveaway!

Kayona said...

I am afraid I would spend the money and then have a hard time using it.
kayona_barnes at yahoo dot com

Olivia C. said...

Hey Brooke!
I haven't gotten my Konad kit because I am so low on money, due to the fact that I am always buying nail polish. I also didn't really understand how it worked. But, since I have begun reading so many different nail blogs, I think I know how they work! I would LOVE to get my own now!
Here is my email:

PhreakPhantasia said...

I don't have a Konad kit yet because I got laid off from my job last year and am still searching.

Nanzy said...

Haven't gotten Konad yet because I'm scared I'd suck =P count me in! ^^


adorepink said...

I would love to win a Konad set. I always look at other bloggers beautiful konad manicure with envy! lol. I cant afford one now...I'm a college student.
Plus May birthdays are awesome, I have one myself so I should know!


pinkhepburn said...

*raises hand* Ooo, me! Pick me! May is my birthday month as well (in fact, my birthday is the exact day this contest closes :) ).

Grace said...

I don't have a Konad kit yet because it's a bit expensive for me. It looks so cool and I love seeing other people's nails when they use the kit. I would love to try this and I would definitely use it for all my manicures :) It's such a cool idea and I hope I can get this!


I'm a follower :)

Rob said...

Hey, I have been putting off buying a Konad because I have never really thought I could use it right. Nails have always been just a simple paint for me.



Datura Rose said...

I don't have a Konad kit yet because I'm unemployed and can't afford it.

silvinha said...

I dont have a Konad Kit, because I live in Brazil! I dont find a store to buy...but I want so bad!!!And the dolar convert in brazillian money makes the kit too expensive! =(

Sorry for the bad english! LOL

Thanks for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

I've always been put off from getting Konad because of the price. I love the designs that people can get from them, and I've had a friend Konad my nails once, and I'm definitely up for more Konad-ing if I can ever get my hands on a kit!

Anonymous said...

I've only recently learned about Konad and I'm not sure if it something I would be able to master. Plus, being unemployed atm, I really can't afford to be spending the extra $$. I'd really love to be able to learn.

louise13 said...

I like so many have not boughten a konad because of the price. Recently I bought the Gcocl pearl in the palm on ebay. It is similar to a konad but I would love to try and compare both. I've heard that the konad can be dificult. But I am up for a challenge. Plus if I had both I would compare and tell everyone on my blog. Also I have only found the plates for the type I have in Hong Kong. So being able to but some here in the U.S. and not get all hyper waiting for plates would be great. Also I do think Konad has more plate options.

Love your blog!

Tiffany said...

I just discovered about Konad a couple of days ago and have put off buying it because I'm not sure if it is that easy to use and worth the money.

Thanks for the Giveaway!! XD

createitcottage said...

What a great opportunity. I've just recently learned about Konad and soooo want to try it, but just haven't had the extra $$$ to get it. I love the plates in this giveaway and so appreciate this chance to win.


AHY said...

Ohhhh.... Happy up-coming b-day! I have just started my own nail polish review/rant blog. I don't have a konad because they are too expensive! I hope I win! dreamingqueen77@yahoo.com!

Rachel said...

I haven't gotten akit yet because I'm lazy and not sure I have the patience to use one.

Maria said...

Hey :)
I havent gotten at konad nail kit yet cause I just recently discovered this and im still amazed that it can be done, im very bad at putting polish on so I doubt I will be any good at putting nail art on, but would still like to try it some day. And I have been putting the purchase on second priority since right now I only wanna invest in the normal nail polishes.. im sort of addicted :P but would be great to win a kit so I could get addicted to this allso ;)


sodisko said...

Hello :)

Well the reason I don't have a konad kit (yet) is that I'm afraid I won't be able to get it right! I love painting my nails but I'm usually not patient enough to make them as perfect as you do...but I'd love to try using a konad some day so thanks for the chance to win a set!

Coco said...

I don't have a konad kit yet because I don't think they are available in my country yet (I haven't seen them anywhere anyway!) and they are too expensive for me to order online! But I'm dying to start using konads so I really hope I win this!!

tinedangganda said...

I don't have a KLonad yet, one is that it's not yet available in my country... two, hmm it's so expensive to buy online...

christihippekip said...

i haven't got one, because i can't buy make up etc. online from my parents, as far as i know, i can't buy it somewhere else here in the netherlands... :'(

Austrian_Babe said...

I´d love to win cause I can´t afford anything but the basics right now. And everyone is getting the Konad System, at least that´s what it looks like. I´m jealous

queenie said...

I would love to win because I have passed on the Konad many times. Even after being tempted by all the pretty desgins, I am afraid I will not know how to make the designs look good! I teeter totter on the fence about it and I have been on the fence forever. It would be hurtful on my wallet to buy something right now that I am not really sure about. I would love to win to give it a try!!


jocelyn890 said...

I love how your Konad work looks! I loved the pink/purple leopard print design you made with KP M57!!

I haven't gotten one for myself because I can't really afford it right now :'(

Email: Leona_890@yahoo.com

Niika said...

i love how the Konad products look (results) but i haven't gotten around to gettin it because it isn't sold in Trinidad..but recently i found someone who sells it and it is $50TT for a nail plate shipping and handling not included which i found was utterly ridiculous =/

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I was hoping to win it in a contest. lol. No, seriously, I haven't gotten one because I'm afraid to spend the money on something that I might suck at doing. I can barely keep a regular manicure looking nice imagine something fancy, but hope springs eternal so I'd really like to get one and give it a go.

rakisha (dot) white (at) gmail (dot) com

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i would like to have the chance to win a konad because i haven't gone around to having one for myself because i don't have a stable job at the moment.
I lost my full time job a few weeks ago & have been looking for a full time job ever since. & with that much as i would want to be able to buy the stuff that i really wanted,i just can't.

Lately, I have been pretty interested in nail arts & what i only have with me is one nail art pen, which is the LA colors white..I just do arts based on the materials that i have. It makes me smile everytime i see my very own arts...although its far from perfect..lol!


goodluck to everybody!

nivipa said...

Well, like most everybody else, I have to cite financial being the primary reason I haven't gotten the kit yet. Also, though, I have a lack of imagination - it's hard for me to look at the plates (*especially* online) and picture the pattern they'll make on the nail!

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


Eunice said...

oh i've ALWAYS wanted a konad kit but i never got an opportunity to get one because ordering online doesn't work too well with me and they don't sell these ANYWHERE =|

those plates are GORGEOUS, btw *_*

elashaw said...

Hello there
I don't currently have a konad kit because I'm new to the world of nail design & I can't really afford much nail polishes let alone special kits.
Great blog, I found it though another, but not sure which one. I've just been clicking away and viewing nails these past few days.
Any tips for beginners? I'm catching on pretty quickly, and my sister loves my newest interest! She always has fantastic nails for work now ... lol, shes my practice station.
my email address is shawgirl1983@hotmail.com

Jesserka said...

I haven't bought a Konad kit yet because I'm worried that I'll go over board buy this huge fancy kit and then not be able to get the hang of it and end up not liking it.

KIKI said...

I would totally love to have a konad anything because they're designs are so cool. however I could never afford to buy myself a set because I'm a stuggling student. Please pick me and I'll be sure to post up pics of my konad experiments! : D

keep up the good work girlie

GiLiNG said...

aww great giveaway!
konad is so popular nowadays, but sadly i don't have one yet.
those plates are awesome!

Ashley Brooks said...

Money! and the fact I'd have to order it online. The plates you picked are some of my favorites. I really want to do a zebra stripe.

StephanieAnn said...

Hello! I haven’t purchased a konad kit yet for a few reasons, 1 I just learned about this product not too long ago. 2 there are so many awesome plates to choose from I just can’t decide! And 3 the price while not too outrageous I am planning a wedding at the moment and just can’t justify the purchase right now (even though I could in vision amazing wedding nails with this product). Thanks for the awesome opportunity! Good Luck everyone!


janet said...

i havent purchased konad yet well because im broke:(


hi said...

Basically because I already to an awful job with just regular nail polish. I need so much more practice! Konads look BEAUTIFUL but I don't know if I'll be able to master them!

RED Smile said...

i havent purchased a Konad kit yet because i just learned about it today

had this email since the 6th grade

Jessica said...

I haven't bought a Konad because I got laid off late last year and haven't yet found a new job...but I'm hopeful and have an interview on Tuesday!

jessica [dot] toney [at] gmail [dot] com

Celly | La Dolce Vita said...

I'm a broke ho, that's why I don't have it. ;]


Katie said...

I haven't gotten myyyy Konad yet because I just graduated from college and am moving on June 1st to Chicago (where I have yet to find a job!). I (sadly) have to spend my money on house stuff that I actually need. This would be a great housewarming gift! :) Ugh the lemming is killing me! :) kszabo08@jcu.edu

Glamoroux said...

I haven`t bought it yet, because I just heard about it.


Sandra said...

I haven't bought a konad kit because my mom doesn't let me buy things online(lol :P ) and they do not sell konad in Swedish stores :(

Anonymous said...

This product looks great! Thanks for the info and the link to OC Nail Art. I'm searching for something that will make my mom happy as she only wants a nail art as a mother's day gift. Our celebration was yesterday and I wasn't able to give it to her coz all Nail Spas are booked. Konad looks like a great product. I also want one for myself! =) I didn't know this exist. I'm planning to purchase one for my mom , it's going to be better coz she'll have one right at home! =)

If i'll be lucky enough --arleneplacido@yahoo.com

the frecnh girl said...

Hi from Paris ;-)

Here is a litte introduction: I am french, living near Paris and I am a student, I really appreciate everything nail related and I discovered konad with your blog so thanks!!!

So You wanna know why I am the one who need to win that contest. There are several raisons.
-First I could buy it online on french site BUT I just can't pay the 35€ (47$) for the little basic kit (stamper, scrapper, 1 plate, 1 nail polish). I find this a litlle bit too (humm what is the correct word) rude! So I could but it way cheaper on american site but the shipping fees are giving me such head ach... There are way too high.

Raison number 2: France is the country of elegance, beautiful things, beautiful people, beautidul people wearing beautiful things (lol) So you get it: my nails need this!!

Raison number 3: It took me a little over 25 minutes to writte this comment lol english is not my first language and I am really sorry for the falts!

Thank you in advance and here is my email:
killou.killou @laposte.net (without the space before the @)

have a great day ;o)

hana said...


I've thought and thought about it and I guess it really does boils down to the affordability of the product and my inexperience with nail art.

So basically the main reason I haven't gotten one yet is because of the price >.< Being a poor college student does not help D:

Plus not to mention the fact that I'm not an experienced nail polish person so the price kinds of daunts me as to whether I should skip a week's lunch to get one of these lol.

But if I do win this and end up with pretty nails...well, it'll give me more confidence in buying the rest of the products :D

email add: hannahime (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Just became interested in frankening nail polishes. It's so much fun! Would love to get a konad kit to take this nail polish addiction to the next level!!
Thanks. pin.da@verizon.net

Kathy said...

I have been wanting this kit for so long. But something always comes up. Have been helping my daughters out with the grandkids. I just feel guilty about spending on myself. Maybe if there was a store close by and I had stash money I would try it. I have seen all the stuff you can do with it and would like to try. I never bought anything on-line. If I used the CC then husband would know how much I spent. Really need this kit. Everybody wants to feel pretty now and then.Even if it is just to have the best looking nails around.

Hanah said...

Hey Brooke!! I love your blog. I've been reading it for a while now and its basically the only one I follow and read :PP

Well, I haven't gotten Konad for myself yet...
1) because I'm crazy
2) because I'm still a bit confused on how to use it in person... but will be practicing 24/7 until I get it perfect if I win your giveaway :P
3) because I'm a bit afraid that my nails are too small to stamp anything on
4) because I'm afraid that the cool nail art will attract attention to my freakishly short pinky
5) because I don't have any nail polishes at the time (my sister went to a college away from home about two years ago; since then, she takes all my polishes when she visits, which is often the minute I buy them :[)
If I happen to be the lucky one to win your giveaway, I'll definitely have a reason to put my nail polishes and Konad utensils/plates in a safe!! Booooo on sisters. :(

mina said...

I haven't gotten a konad kit yet because I wanted to catch up on all our bills before I got it. There's so many plates I want but they're not cheap.

Davina.johnson@gmail .com

Debbie said...

I haven't purchased a konad kit because of the price. Another poor college student here. :( But I love all the great designs made from the konads, I would love to get one! <3


Missy Pratt said...

Why haven't I bought myself a Konad yet? Because I want to win your May gift! :-)

No... as honest as that might be, it's not the real reason. The real reason is that for ages ... I almost can't say this ... /deep breath/

I ignored my nails!

I kept them cut super short and didn't even bother with polish. Now? They've grown out, I'm following wonderful blogs like yours for ideas and I want to do cool and exciting things - like learning how to use the Konad!

My email is: missy.pratt@gmail.com


poc said...

I haven't bought Konad by myself because... I'm a poor student (:p) and all my money goes to polish. And i have never enough for Konad... So sad T_T

email : sweetnovember.fr(AT)gmail.com

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Hey girl, great giveaway!!! I haven't gotten a Konad supply yet because I just started to see what all the hype is about and it looks amazing. However, I'm scared to purchase it and then not figure out how to use it. I'm starting to get into nail art so I do a lil art here and there on my nails but the Konad thing rocks!!!

Claire said...

I hope I win this one! I haven't bought a Konad for myself because I spent all of my extra money on a trip to Europe. My trip was great, but I'm broke now, lol. This is a great giveaway idea!

My e-mail: iris8ma8@yahoo.com

shell said...

Hello I havent bought a Konad kit yet because I just heard about Konad and I am interesting in learning how to use it and to see if it will save time on nail art. It looks realy awesome . Hope to get the chance to try it out.

chunkee munkee said...

i saw someone doing a demonstration in a mall with a simialr product. i havent gotten one, because im a new mommy, and DAMN>>>> ppl tell you that having kids is expensive, but omigosh, EVERYthing they need is pricey, even the generic brand stuff.im a young mom, and dont have a job beecause i want to be at home with my baby for her first couple of years, so my hunnie is holding down the fort as best he can.i never ask him for anything,but i enter as many contest as i can for things i really want, but know i dont need.

chunkee munkee said...

oh yea, i forgot my email

KIKI said...

would totally love to have a konad anything because they're designs are so cool. however I could never afford to buy myself a set because I'm a stuggling student. Please pick me and I'll be sure to post up pics of my konad experiments! : D

keep up the good work girlie
email: cjean246@aol.com

*You Lite Up My Life* said...

I would luv to have this konad kit as my starter to the world of beautiful nails art but I dont think I can get it in my country and its quite pricey for me to get it online, so I really hope to win this ^.^

Thanks Brooke.

Natalie said...

The reason I havent gotten a konad set is because Im not working right now and I just had a baby so all the money i do have saved up is to support my baby boy :)


Liting said...

The reason i haven't got a konad set is because i can't afford the shipping price and i can't get it in Singapore

aquay said...

1) The economy. $ is pretty tight.
2) I'm a spaz & I'm afraid I don't possess the manual dexterity to work Konad. I've been Frankening lately, and most of my PJs have nail polish stains because I do my nails in bed.
3) I can't narrow down the plates I want. Seriously. There are about ten I can't decide between.

Amanda said...

Hey Brooke,

one of the main reasons i dont own a konad kit is because i am not allowed to buy anything online due to my strict mother, if i did win this i would be the happiest person on earth i have wanted one of these kits so bad but simply could not afford one because of the economy and i am a full time college student. I think this is a great investment for anyone who likes to get there nails done and i think your a sweetheart for offering a giveaway thanks so much.

Love, Amanda

cleung341 said...

Would love to win this Konad set. I have not purchased a KOnad set because I am a full time student with out a job. Although I am a student, I still like to look nice and one way I can do that is through polishing my nails.
I heard many good things about the Konad system. Hopefully I will get a chance to try it soon.

abbylandd said...

Well I think I'm a follower .. I'm not exactly sure how I follow but I subscribed and I've been following you through being linked daily through the Nixxys Nails side bar (its the only way I know to find all the nail polish blogs at once as I have no clue as of yet how to work blogspot :) )

Anyhoo's; I'd love to win this because I absolutely adore the designs that can be made with these and die of envy everytime I see the pictures on the web ; also my friends know I'm a huge polish fanatic and to come in with designs like these would make my friends die of envy - and also look amazing at my grad :)

Savvy said...

Yay! Another awesome contest! I haven't been able to get a konad kit because paying for college is making it pretty much impossible to get extra things like this.

savannahstasher27 at msn dot com

Chandni said...

First of all, I have to say that I really love your blog - i'm really new to all these blogs so I do try to keep up!

Anyway, I don't have a konad because I have a hitler dad that doesn't want me to use my credit card. And I'm stuck on an island in Spain. And here not only is there no nail art but most of the times you won't even find a decent nail polish.

That is my tragedic story. I do small and simple designs, but lack of basic necessities *cough*anything*cough* make it really hard!

Anyway, I'm glad you're doing this - apparently there are a lot of people in a similiar condition!


auroragyps said...

I don't have a Konad yet because I just can't afford one yet. Buying a nail polish here and there isn't so bad for my budget, but spending a big chunk at one place, would make my bank account very unhappy. Besides that, I'm trying to save up to get another kittie (a little friend for my female cat, who'll be 11 this year.. wow, time flies) in the fall, so every penny pinched helps.


★JENN★ said...
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Elisa said...
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Elisa said...

Hello :) I don't own a konad yet because I have not really been inspired or...I am not really artistic enough and I would not be able to do the konad justice. However, I am so excited by the thought you had shared! I absolutely want to use the neon sally insta-dris for a koni! I have been dreaming of doing a konadicure using lickety lime split for some time now ever since your post! :) SO excited!

Thanks! :D

rmcandlelight said...

I have been buying so much polish I haven't gotten around to ordering a konad kit. (lol)


meenal said...

I havent got the Konad because I am unemployed and I dont have some much to spend on my make up.. Wish I win the contest...

I really enjoyed watching some videos on Konad on youtube, i guess its going to be fun......


Anonymous said...

I really want to win this! I haven't been able to afford one because of the economy and I don't have a stable job yet. I feel bad spending money on the fun stuff when I have bills that need to be paid. Plus I am challenged with it comes to nail art. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this giveaway. It is a fantastic prize.


Mercy A. said...

Omigosh, that really neat of you! I love your blog [the shamwow video is really funny] and I really, really wish I could enter the contest. Unfortunately,I don't have a blog. =[ But your blog is still awesome!


Vivian said...

I don't have/never tried konad polishes but I have heard beauty blogger/nail polish addicts talk about them constantly!

I am really curious to try them but I am currently a student (summer vacay! but still..) and do not have money to spend on nail polish. during school, I didnt even have time to do my nails =(.

I lovelove love polishes though and konad seems like such a cute and creative way to do your own manicure and make it look like you went into a salon =). I've never had my nails done, not even during formal hs dances so my nails have only been as pretty as a plain coat of polish can make them O=).

also! I am such a shop-a-holic and have totally DROOLED over konad (I am sounding so desperate =/) the plates are SO cute. I've even listed down the ones I want (which are a lot of them) when I actually have the money to spare to buy them. I think they are so expensive. ~$7 for a plate? =( I wish only the polish was that price and the plates cost less. I would be happy with many different designs but only a few colors to work with.

anyway, enough rambling. I love your blogs and read them all the time, except I'm never one to really comment/subscribe to blogs. I bookmark them and then go back and visit but now I'm subscribed =)

my email is yuki151@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I would love to have that kit. I haven't gotten it because I just started seeing people on blogs designing their nails. So I started researching and I've found many blogs that does konad and the designs are cute.

Melia said...

I haven't bought a kit yet because I couldn't fit it into my current beauty budget. I would love to win this, as I have been wanting to adorn my nails so much!
Thank you for such a great giveaway!

I_heart_red said...

I don't have a kit because I have not heard about it untill now

neglelakk og meg said...

I don't have it because I can't afford it right now. I am the only one having a reliable income, my BF don't right now. An we have to pay for the rent of our appartment and the kindergarten for our 3 year old son (and food, of course)


Nicole said...

Hi Brooke, I don't have a Konad yet either! I'm just now really getting "obsessed" with nails, I've only been reading about these neat kits for a very short time so I hadn't really researched them yet. I would sure love to give one a try though!
Thank you for the giveaway!

TheCandyGirl said...

Getcha Nails Did, LMAO, What a cute name. I was just think about purchasing a Konad kit. I SO hope i win.

Kerriann said...

I havent bought a Konad kit yet bc at first I thought it was kinda cheesy. Then I started seeing actual konad-pros (like you!) using it and how awesome konaded nails could look and Ive been lemming it ever since! I've put the starter kit in my cart at transdesign several times recently as a "graduation gift" to myself-- and then I remind myself that the RBL sale was a gift to myself. No income so no Konad for me for awhile :(

PS I have rather small nails-- are most of the designs going to be too big for them?

email is angelicterp at yahoo

Anonymous said...

Hey, The reason why I dont own a Konad is because I didnt know what it was, when I found out what a Konad was I was shocked at the Price!!. And me, I'm a Single Parent of a 3 yr old, and a Full time College student. I HAVE NO MONEY!!! lol lol...Therefore I would love to win this Konad and not have to struggle od all te nail designs I create..GoodLuck to eveyone and GOD BLESS


Anonymous said...

I haven't bought Konad because I'm studying... And I don't have enough money to buy Konad (unfortunately) And I can't find it here in Portugal! So, I'm trying to save some money to order online, but it's really hard.

(I'm really really in love <3 with Konad, even if I don't have it!)

Thank you for this oportunity!

And... Great great BLOG! ***

My email: aninhax [@] gmail [.] com

CraftyRia said...

Happy Birthday in May! You are so very generous to offer this giveaway for your birthday month.

I just saw the Konad kits while I was in Las Vegas last week. I decided to do some internet research before purchasing this item. I wanted to make sure I can use regular nail polish and not have to buy their special nail polish.

The girls at the booth made it look so easy, and I wanted to make sure it really worked at home like it does in the sales booth.

I also wanted to explore the different designs before making a purchase. I am an oncology nurse and like to keep my nails on the more subtle side as not to look unprofessional. Your blog has so many nice designs that I could easily wear to work.

Thanks for your awesome blog, you are inspiring me to get a kit and to use it! I'd love to win your giveaway!

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