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That's right, it's time for another addition to the ever popular Getting To Know..... series! This time we focus on a little lady simply known as "Polish Pixie". This woman gets more nail polish and makeup hauls than anyone I have ever seen in my life!!!! I practically have a part time job helping Pix out with all of her haulage !! Yes, it's that massive :) There is but one thing larger and more massive than her hauls - her gigantic thumb!!! This monster has been captured a few times on camera, but not many. It's pretty amazing how elusive something as big as that can be! I was hoping that she would have included some measurements or a picture, but she didn't, bummer man! The legend lives on. . . .
She was kind enough to include some other pics, so please enjoy ladies!

I almost forgot to include this fun fact!! Polish Pixie sent me my konad kit! I had been oogling all of her pics and whining about how I wanted one on her blog - DAILY. Finally fed up with all my comments, she sent me my first Konad kit! I think we ALL know how I feel about my Konad, so I am forever grateful to you Polish Pixie for my best NP gift ever!!!

1. How or why did you start your blog?

I realized I was posting a lot of NOTD pictures of MakeupAlley, so I figured I might as well put them in a blog. At that point I was already reading Stephanie's blog (PolishAddict) and I thought (and still think!) that it was the bomb. I knew that I wouldn't be able to show the newest releases or swatches of all the collections, but I thought of it as sort of a NOTD album. I enjoy reading other people's NOTD posts, so I figured I might as well give it a try :)

2. How did you come up with the name for your blog?

I really wanted to name it something with "Polish" in the name, and the other word had to start with a "p" because I figured that would sound cool. I never really thought much about Polish being a nationality too. Every time my boy friend sees me writing on the blog he yells "Polish Pixie" in his fake Polish accent.....

3. How many bottles of NP do you own?

Honestly, I have no idea. I don't keep track (which leads to quite a few duplicate purchases). I'd guess around 300.

4. How do you store you NP?

Errrrr..... you know..... just around (see attached photos). I don't organize it in any way.

5. What’s the most you have ever paid for a bottle of NP and was it worth it?

Not that much. Probably $20 for a swatched Oops J! polish. I think it was probably worth it, but I haven't used it yet!

6. How much would you say you spend on NP a month?

Ummm, I'm not really good with budgets. A lot? Mostly because shipping to Denmark is so expensive.

7. How do you feel about fake nails?

I've never worn them, but if they are done well I like the look. I love square nails and the fake nails often seem to have that pretty, square shape.

8. If you had to get rid of all your NP and could only keep 5 bottles, which ones would you choose? (It has to NP you already own)

Oh crap. Umm well... keeping in mind that I don't really know which polishes I own, I would keep Misa The Grass is Greener on my Side for sure. Then maybe China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Nfu-Oh #64, Nubar Purple Beach, OPI You Don't Know Jacques. If you ask me tomorrow I'll probably give you a different answer.

9. Do you Franken your own NP?

Yes, and it looks like poop. (Poop with glitter, but still poop).

10. What is your favorite brand of NP and why?

Misa! The formula and colors are fantastic. The price is great too.

11. What is the best NP advice/tip/trick you have ever gotten?

Use felt instead of cotton balls for removing nail polish (especially glitter) and eat broccoli.

12. Where do you live?

Fredensborg, Denmark <---- This is where the Danish Crown Prince lives too btw. Woot! 13. What do you do for a living?

I'm a chemical engineer/physical chemist. I work for a medical device company.

14. Do you have a significant other and/or any kids?

My boy friend of 10 years, 2 cats, a gerbil, and a snail that I found in my mom's bathroom. The snail will be released into the wild when the weather gets a bit better. I'd like to have lots more pets, but the boy friend doesn't believe in turning the house into a zoo. I want to get a goat at some point, but I think that will take more persuasion.

15. What other hobbies do you have?

I'm sort of nerdy so I like science, computer games, comic books, stuff like that. I'm very interested in environmental protection and animal rights (though not the crazy PETA version). I also like to cook (and eat). My favorite hobby is sleeping and I spend quite a lot of time doing so.

16. What is your favorite food?

I don't eat it much because I'm trying to be healthy, but I love really fatty foods. I could eat french fries every day. Whenever I go to the UK I eat a ton of fish'n'chips.

17. What is your best memory?

I don't really tend to remember very far back, though usually every day at work, I have an awesome memory of my lunch. Our cafeteria is amazing.

18. What is your best and worst quality?

Ohhh. Hard to pick ;) I'm sort of an arrogant, sarcastic, evil bitch, but I think my worst quality is that I am almost completely unable to admit that I'm wrong (not that I've ever been wrong, but you know....if it ever happened) The best: I'm highly entertaining.

19. If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be and why?

I think I'd like to have lunch with Mr. Obama. I've got a few tips for him (and clearly a grossly inflated opinion of myself)

20. What is something about you that most people don’t know?

I've never had a professional mani or pedicure. The thought of someone touching my nails or filing them scares the crap out of me.

Thank you Pixie for sharing your answers and your photos!!


Helen said...

Fantastic interview!!

I'd love to have a goat too. No room in our flat though. And English fish & chips rules!

Getting To Know is such a good feature, thankyou - I love reading about the girl behind the nails. Brooke, have you answered the questions yourself yet? Which reminds me, if you want to "Oprah" Afsheen and I, we are more than happy to join in and answer these for you.


Brooke said...

HELEN - Thank you! No I havne't done this yet, but I planned on getting around to it! Of course I am so much more interested in everyone else! lol But I guess that doesn't help you all be nosey with me though! :)

Thank you for the offer!! I hope to get to you really soon! :) (p.s. I would much rather Oprah you guys than reverse Michael Jackson you - lol! Yes, i am still cracking up over that from you!)

Mary said...

Another great interview! Pixie's blog is certainly among my favorites (and she has beautiful nails) and I love learning more about everyone's life outside of our blogs. I ♥ the little snail!

Nixxy said...

haha! A friend to snails everywhere! I love Pixie :D

adorepink said...

Great interview. It's nice to know a little more about the woman behind the blog.

Violet LeBeaux said...

XD I love these interviews, they are just too funny! There are a lot of hilarious, talented polish addicts out there!

Alexlyndra said...

Great interveiw! I love her answers! She seems to be a very good person.
It's cool she has a snail, haha. I like the way she stores her polishes. :P

clockwork said...

What a fun interview! :)

Lucy said...

Another entertaining interview. Love getting to know everyone. Better watch the pet snail. Some people eat snails. Ugh!! I just love the pictures of the "interesting" polish storage. I think the Polish Pixie would is very entertaining. I sure enjoy her blog.

Pixie said...

As least most of my hauls are full of cheap crap. roflcakes.

<3 ya, babe!

P.S. BabySnail says "How ya doin'?" to all the laadees.

Deez Nailz said...

Cuuuuuuuute snail picture!

I am loving these 'getting-to-know' features, it is neat to see how everyone would store 100 +plus bottles of nail polish and nail goodies!!!!

Asami said...

Cute! :) I like the storage pictures.

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